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Over the 21st of August weekend the North Dakota Pointing Dog Club held its second horseback field trial at the Timm Ranch near Kensal, ND.  Thank you to Curt and Tanya Timm for hosting us, and providing such wonderful grounds to hold a field trial on.  Thanks also needs to go to Bill Holtan for establishing the relationship with the Timm’s and making this possible.


Since last fall’s trial held under the MN GSP club and this spring’s trial hosted by the NDPDC, word has quickly spread about the wonderful grounds, native sharptail grouse, and the level of competition.  The trial was approved by the AKC on the 17th of July and within 10 minutes of announcing on our Facebook page, there were already over 100 entries received.  Before the draw, there were over 230 entries requested.  It was truly a humbling experience to have our club go from newly approved to such popularity within a years’ time.


Handlers from many corners of our Nation represented both the amateur and professional ranks.  The three day field trial was blessed to have professional trainers Greg Dixon, Ray Dohse, Matt Eder, Tommy Hagan, and Ken Kuivenhoven compete their string of dogs. We also had competitive amateurs from Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, and Texas.


Judges were difficult to arrange so I want to say thank you to Chris Benskin, Jessica Carlson, Chad Chadwell, Dan Erickson, and Dave Pomfret for volunteering their time and effort in judging our trial.  Trials take a lot of behind the scenes help to make everything go smooth from food preparation to bird planting to having a dog wagon.  The crew that worked to make this trial a success included Chris Benskin, Greg Dixon, Bill Holtan, Kelly Jarmuzek, Marcie Schulz, Mason Schulz, and Devin Schulz. 


Friday started with the Open Restricted Shooting Dog.  We completed that stake and moved into running the Open Derby stake as Saturday’s weather forecast indicated rain and wind.  Mother Nature did not disappoint and she brought sprinkles and wind gusts in the 30-40 mph range for the remainder of the day but we did manage to finish the Open Shooting Dog.  That evening the majority of the field trial party made the short trip to enjoy a meal and refreshments at the Bordulac Bar & Grill, owned by Dan & Lisa Beckley.  On Sunday we finished the last two stakes including Open Puppy and Amateur Shooting Dog. 


Thank you to everyone that helped in running of the trial.  The committee put a lot of work into making this trial run happen and run smoothly. 


Thank you to Dean Reinke and Nestle Purina for providing bags of Pro Plan for the trial.

Open Limited Gun Dog / Open Restricted Shooting Dog
Place Brace Stake Name of Dog Call Name Handler Breed Sex
1 1B OLGD Penny's Wiki Wiki Another Mai Tai Please Ty Chad Chadwell Vizsla M
2 6B OLGD RTK's Calcutta Clipper Cali Tommy Hagan GSP F
3 3B OLGD Mehagian's Keystone Brother David Brody Greg & Liz Dixon Vizsla M
4 2B OLGD Ridge Creek Pied Piper Piper Matt Eder Setter F

Open Derby
Place Brace Stake Name of Dog Call Name Handler Breed Sex
1 9A OD Greypointe Kiloray Jack Doug Meyer Pointer M
2 8A OD Mia's Wiki Wiki Hour of Kalua Cal Chad Chadwell Vizsla M
3 5A OD Upfront's Rim Runner Rim Lance Schulz Pointer F
4 3B OD Brophy's Princess Buckaroo Sebbie Greg & Liz Dixon Irish Setter F

Open Gun Dog / Open Shooting Dog
Place Brace Stake Name of Dog Call Name Handler Breed Sex
1 6A OGD Ridge Creek Pied Piper Piper Matt Eder Setter F
2 15B OGD Backwoods Leroy Robert Satchel Greg & Liz Dixon GWP M
3 3A OGD Turtle Creek Beretta Berretta Tommy Hagen GSP F
4 4A OGD Eshod's Danny Boy Danny Ray Dohse ES M

Open Puppy
Place Brace Stake Name of Dog Call Name Handler Breed Sex
1 3B OP Brophy's Gonzo Style Gonzo Greg & Liz Dixon Irish Setter M
2 3A OP Murphy's Game On Atari Ray Dohse GSP F
3 4B OP Heiss Draht Midnight Bonfire Cinder Greg & Liz Dixon GWP F
4 2B OP Willowynd and Ktia's Next Wave Wren Ken Kuivenhoven Vizsla F

Amateur Gun Dog / Amateur Shooting Dog
Place Brace Stake Name of Dog Call Name Handler Breed Sex
1 1A AGD RTK's Calcutta Clipper Cali Bill Holtan GSP F
2 7A AGD Redrock's Rip Roar'n Ruger Ruger Lance Schulz Vizsla M
3 2A AGD True Grit's Hey Sailor Sailor Richard Beaver Brittany M
4 3B AGD DC/AFC Beaver's Straight Arrow Arrow Richard Beaver Brittany M

FT Running Order
Planned Stakes, Judges, Fees, Prizes (Rosettes Unless Noted Below) 
Judge Change 7/18/15 in Bold
Open Limited Gun Dog (Jessica Carlson, Dan Erickson) $90.00 (50% of entry paid back 30-20-10, withheld placements stay with the club)
Open Derby -  (Shane Anderson, Chris Benskin) $53.00
Open Gun Dog (Chad Chadwell, Chris Benskin) $53.00
Open Puppy  (Chad Chadwell, Dan Erickson) $35.00
Amateur Gun Dog (Jessica Carlson, Dave Pomfret) $53.00